Course begins December 1, 2022

Course curriculum

  1. Baker's Toolbox and Quality Ingredients

  2. History of the Croissant

  3. Fermentation 101

  4. The Butter Block

  5. Lamination 101

  6. Cutting and Shaping Croissants

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Bake without Fear!

For me, croissants are the epitome of French Baking. It was the one thing that I couldn't wait to learn when I enrolled in pastry school. I had been to Paris and ate a croissant every single day that I was there. No matter where I ordered my croissant, it was delicious every time. So I was realllly looking forward to learning to bake them myself!

Well... I got a BIG shock. The croissants that we baked in school were nothing like they were in Europe. I learned to bake so many incredible and delectable desserts in school. These croissants were NOT it. I was so scarred from this experience (lol) that I did not attempt to make them myself again for NINE years. 

(Trying to look proud, instead of disappointed)

SO! Why did my pastry school miss the mark on these croissants??
Answer: The BUTTER

Butter is absolutely the #1 ingredient in a croissant. So when I decided to give croissants another try, I made absolute sure that I had nailed down all of the proper ingredients. 

You don't have to worry about that; in this course, I will teach you the different components of each ingredient so that you know what to look for. We will dive into the history of croissants, learn about laminated doughs and the science behind proofing. I will teach you the techniques behind creating this ubiquitous viennoiserie, but also give you tips and tricks to avoid common pitfalls.

Remember; you can do ANYTHING with time, patience and the right teacher.

Let's get baking!
- Baker of Bathurst

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